As the temperature rises, so will we.

From Northern QLD to South West WA, we’re sending a message that it’s time to stop the expansion of the coal and gas industry in Australia.

Create Your Own Summer Heat Action

An invitation to action

Dear friend,

Earlier this year, the planet lurched past 400 parts per million of CO2 — for the first time in human civilisation. That’s dangerously beyond the safe limit of 350 ppm – the number that scientists tell us is essential for a safe climate. Yet as we begin to create dangerous “new normals”, our politicians continue to ignore the facts. Tony Abbott is powering ahead with his plans to repeal the carbon price and introduce his laughable ‘direct action’ plan.

The moment has come – the moment to ask you to do important, challenging and powerful things. Last year Australia experienced an ‘Angry Summer’. Temperature records were smashed nationwide. And with the 12 months leading up to this September being Australia’s hottest on record, we can expect Summer 2013-14 to be one of extremes too.

This year we want to make it politically hot as well. That means we need you, out on the frontline. We need to show up and speak out. We need you to show Tony Abbott and the fossil fuel industry what direct action is really all about.

Pledge now to help us ramp up the fight against the coal and gas industry this summer.

Around the country, communities are fighting on the front lines of Australia’s coal and gas expansion. In New South Wales, the Maules Creek community is determined to stop Whitehaven’s plans to start a massive mine in the Leard State Forest. In WA, gas mining in the Kimberley and Midwest wildflower country is being fought at every turn. (more…)


150 People Stand up to Whitehaven Coal in the City

Over 100 people turned out at the Whitehaven Offices in Sydney, and another 50 in Brisbane, to stand in solidarity with protesters in the Leard State Forest. The vigils took place last Thursday 20 February to show Whitehaven Coal they have a serious fight on their hands if they want to continue destroying our forest and our future by digging up coal at Maules Creek. Click here to keep reading...

Pilliga gas drilling rig halted by community protest

Two dozen farmers, Gomeroi Traditional Owners, local community members and supporters risked arrest on Sunday to blockade a coal seam gas drilling rig in the Pilliga forest in north west NSW, saying too much damage has been done by Santos and calling for the Government to intervene to stop the controversial exploration program.

Santos’ coal seam gas drilling equipment and a convoy of trucks have been halted as protestors blocked the road and a Sydney man  attached himself to a crane that was scheduled to move the rig to a new site in the forest. Click here to keep reading...

Pilliga coal seam gas pipeline laying halted by community

From the Pilliga Protectors 

pipeline group shot enough santos spin

On 5th February 25 local farmers and community members halted a coal seam gas pipeline laying operation in the Pilliga forest in north west NSW for several hours, saying too much damage has been done by Santos and calling for the Government to intervene to stop the controversial exploration program.

 Among the community members is local Pilliga business owner of 30 years, Maria Rickert who is worried about the negative impacts of a coal seam gasfield on her tourism business and groundwater supply.  Click here to keep reading...

Maules Creek blockade continues to grow

12231826426_340fb852f2From the 25-28 January over 100 people amassed in the Leard State forest to hold up Whitehaven’s plans to destroy the endangered and rip out millions of tonnes of coal. 

It was an inspiring few days of action — with folks from right around the country joining the blockade.

Read all about it here

See the pictures from the action here

If you want to get involved either at the blockade or from home, sign-up here Click here to keep reading...

200 rally in Penola

IMG_8111 Stitch200 residents of Penola rallied against the spread of unconventional gas exploration in the region. 

The gas projects threaten the water and prime agricultural land of the region which famous for its wine growing.

The successful rally was organised by Lock the Gate. Click here to keep reading...


Summer Heat is the name we’ve given to the wave of actions underway this summer to take on the coal and gas industry on all fronts. Focusing on the hottest part of the year, people across the country will be challenging the expansion of coal and gas projects right across Australia. Together we will demand a halt to the rapid and dangerous expansion of the fossil fuel industry and take action for a safe climate and resilient communities.
The fossil fuel industry plans to digging up five times the carbon we can safely burn to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius – the target even the most conservative of governments have agreed to. So in short, the business model of the fossil fuel industry is to wreck the climate. For example, if the Galilee Basin is opened up for exploitation, the impact will be global. The Galilee mines contain enough carbon that, were the recoverable coal to be mined and burnt, it would diminish the remaining buffer between us and 2 degrees by 6 per cent.
It’s time for us to rise together and show the industry and our political leaders that we will not sit idle as they try and expand through Australia. If you want to know more read this 2 page campaign overview.

Grassroots climate justice campaigners of all kinds are coming together — from student divestment activists, to folks on the front lines where the fossil fuel industry does its dirty work, to people whose communities have been impacted by climate change, and those acting in solidarity with us across the country. Our goal with all of these actions is to demonstrate that it is not just a few radicals challenging the fossil fuel industry, but people of all manner of backgrounds and beliefs.

Everyone participating in Summer Heat actions should:
  1. be nonviolent and peaceful in all of their activities during an action
  2. appear dignified in dress and demeanor – these are serious issues, and we want to be taken seriously
  3. knowingly and freely assume all risks, even if arising from the negligence of others, and assume full responsibility for participation in any action.

Something for everyone! From creative banner drops, social media storms, to civil disobedience in cities and by front line communities standing up to fossil fuel expansion projects. Australia and the various groups we collaborate with embrace the principles of peaceful direct action as a valid and powerful tactic.

No. Different actions could potentially involve different levels of legal risk, but all will include spaces appropriate for people who do not want to risk arrest. Each person who participates is fully and solely responsible for the legal risks of participating in these actions. Many events will however include a basic training that will brief everyone involved on what to expect, the principles of peaceful direct action, and how to participate in the safest manner possible..

If you can’t make it to an action, the best way to support is to organize events that can directly support the actions underway. Fundraisers, movie screenings and talks to get people fired up to go, or other recruitment events are all great ways to help out. In general, the more concrete your support, the more helpful it will be to the folks on the front lines. Drop us a line if you want to help out:

That’s fine — our movement is growing, and we expect a lot of people to join in for the first time! Many events will also include a basic training that will brief everyone involved on what to expect, and how to participate in the safest manner possible. We hope you enjoy taking part during the summer and find inspiration to continue showing the fossil fuel industry that they cannot endlessly reck our climate, land and communities.

Where possible, events will have their own ride and housing board for people to find and share rides and housing. If we’re able to secure mass transit or group housing, we’ll let participants of each event know via email and with a post on the event page.

Depending on the event, location and numbers, the Summer Heat team will help organise transport. However as funds are tight and time short, we would welcome any help to organise these logistics. Get in touch if your are interested:

Summer Heat has three major aims:

  1. to support actions that challenge the expansion of the fossil fuel industry — both on the ground and in the public debate
  2. to showcase the diversity of groups standing up to the fossil fuel industry and build solidarity amongst our movement.
  3. to build stronger and bolder actions. If an action you’re planning fits these aims, we are keen to work with you. Visit the events map to see what else is going on in your region and register your new action:
Whenever you want – during December, January or February. Events can even happen outside these periods if they fit the overall campaign, drop us a line if you would like to discuss this option: The Australia team is planning a crescendo moment for Summer Heat in February, watch this space for the exciting details!

If you need support to run an action or event that takes on the fossil fuel industry in your community, then the Summer Heat team is here to help. The sooner we get started planning, the better off we’ll be. So drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help:

We’ll help with training and advice for all those taking part but we unfortunately we won’t be able to provide legal help nor pay fines for all of those who take part. We encourage participants in Summer Heat activities to be prepared and informed about what the legal risks might be. For those who want to take part but might need financial or legal help, please let us know and we can see if we are able to help.