Summer Heat Mobilization in Richmond

Richmond, CA — Saturday Aug. 3rd

On August 3rd two powerful forces, and the environmental justice groups in Richmond, California, are coming together and taking action in Northern California to stop climate chaos and move towards a just, renewable world. and the Bay Area climate movement brought 5,000 people together for Forward on Climate on February 17th, making it the biggest climate mobilization in Northern California history and the largest in the US after the 40,000 people at the national rally in DC.

Environmental justice and community groups who organize in the shadow of the Chevron Richmond oil refinery (the largest greenhouse gas emitter in the entire state) have stood up to Chevron and won an amazing series of victories that have broken the 100 year cycle of Chevron running Richmond as a “company town.” These victories have included stopping Chevron’s dirty crude refinery expansion project and the Richmond Progressive Alliance winning elections of the mayor and city council members in spite of millions spent by Chevron.

Earlier this month the Contra Costa Times revealed that Chevron and the other four Bay Area refineries were already refining tar sands oil from Canada brought to the Bay Area by rail. And that they want more! On August 3rd, three days before the one-year anniversary of the big refinery fire last year, this powerful alliance is bringing together a mass mobilization in Richmond to stand up to Chevron’s pollution and their drive to refine more dirty tar sands. Can you be there?


The festival resistance may include a parade of sunflowers, and here’s why. At one of our early meetings, a young local urban farming organizer from Richmond described his vision of people marching through the streets to the Chevron Refinery, carrying hundreds of sunflowers aloft and then planting sunflower seeds or starts (sunflowers can help de-toxify soil, making it a good symbol for removing Chevron’s toxins) at the refinery when we arrive. When I saw him last Saturday with a group of high school kids who had taken over an abandoned lot in Richmond/San Pablo and were transforming it into another urban garden, he said he had bought 1000 sunflower seeds and that we would plant them together soon.

This event has incredible potential to bring together thousands on the doorstep of the largest climate polluter in the state, and to build the movement to stop climate chaos. To realize that potential we need you. Families can participate in the march and rally with no risk of arrest, or for those who choose to, there will an option of nonviolent direct action or civil disobedience.

Click here to sign up — and once you do, can you also do at least one of these three things?

1) Spread the word: Invite your community, network, friends, co-workers, fellow students and family! You can start by forwarding this email with a note from you, and a follow up phone call or meeting goes a long way — we’ll need everyone who can pitching in in every way they can to make this work

Click here to volunteer

Click on image below to download posters and flyers

2) Get our message on BART : Laurie from our ambitious, creative Outreach Committee writes, “We are trying a new form of outreach. We have decided to advertise our regional Summer Heat mobilization on 14 BART stations for 2 weeks prior to the action. By putting mini billboards up in Bay Area transportation hubs, we hope to broaden our base beyond our usual networks.”

We are over halfway to being able to fund this project — can you help us get our message out on BART?

Click here to donate to fund BART billboards

3) Participate in nonviolent direct action: Can you join us in heeding the “Summer Heat” call to action and risking arrest? We will plan a peaceful, well-organized effective nonviolent action, with lots of training to prepare, and legal support to make sure everyone is taken care of. Here is what you can do if you are thinking you can join us at this level:

* Attend Nonviolent Direct Action Training: Training Teach-in for anyone interested in supporting or participating nonviolent direct action. With a team of experienced trainers, we’ll prepare ourselves to engage in nonviolent direct action on August 3. We are still in the process of setting trainings up in the Bay Area and we may be able to send a trainer to your town if you have a group of 20 or more who would like a training to prepare for the action. Check here for the schedule.

* Form a Group to participate in the action: Organize an “affinity group” of people who will participate in (or support those who do) nonviolent direct action on August 3 from your organization, your friends, family, community, congregation, union, school, neighborhood, etc. Check here for more info on affinity groups.

This is an opportunity for truly transformative action, and I hope you can join us in any way you can.

Read more on these links to see the amazing work of some of our partner organizations:

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And the alliance is growing.