Walk from Camp David to DC

President Obama’s legacy rests on whether he confronts the growing crisis of climate change. On July 19, grandparents, parents, young people and children will set out on a one week walk from Camp David to the White House, calling on President Obama to keep his promise to protect the future for the children of today and their grandchildren to come. Keep fossil fuels in the ground! Climate action now! Reject the Keystone XL pipeline!

What: Walk for our Grandchildren
Where: Camp David to Washington DC
When: July 19 – Depart from Camp David. July 26 - Arrive in DC. July 27 - Ceremony/Rally at Lafayette Park.
Why: To send the message to President Obama that his legacy and our common future depends on whether he confronts the challenge of climate change for this and future generations.
Organized by:2013 March for our Grandchildren, CCAN


Click here for more info about joining the walk. Options are available for day walkers and thru walkers.

Join the Action:

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Action Agreements:

  • I promise to be nonviolent and peaceful in all of my activities during the action.
  • I will be dignified in dress and demeanor – these are serious issues, and we want to be taken seriously.
  • I knowingly and freely assume all risks, even if arising from the negligence of others, and assume full responsibility for my participation in this action.